Most Popular Episodes #Throwback

Since re-booting Survey Says in March this year, our audience has done nothing but grow. Every week more people tune in, but if you’re new here then you’ve probably missed out on listening to some of our best content to date.

We still pump out new episodes every Tuesday, but if you’d like to fill in the days between new episodes then why not listen to our older ones. Below are some of our most popular episodes we recommend you revisit!

Conspiracy Theories

Ever wondered if you’re going crazy by believing in theories that are neither confirmed nor denied? In this episode, Matt and Mel go through different Conspiracy Theories believed by the masses and share with you what they believe in, and what YOU believe in.

Philosophical Questions

Want some of life’s biggest questions answered? You’ve come to the right place. Mel and Matt chat about what the meaning of life is, whether it’s ever okay to break the law and the truth. They share their own thoughts on the matters as well as the responses collected in the survey.


The tea has been spilled… in this episode Mel and Alex don’t hold back as the main topics of conversation are who should pay for the first date, best break up stories and coming out of a relationship stronger. The results include stories from the hosts as well as the survey responders.

Workplace Harassment in 2020

Mel and Alex dig a little deeper to share with you their experiences and outlook on workplace harassment as well as share your responses from the survey. There is a mild trigger warning for this episode if you are sensitive to the subject, however the content in this episode is relaxed and listener friendly.


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