Welcome to the website for the ‘Survey Says’ podcast created and hosted by Mel Maltby with co-hosts Matt Thomas and Alex Mackintosh.

First off, let’s introduce the big guns, Mel!

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Creator; Executive Producer; Host

I always dreamed big, and low-key knew I was made for something more. When my Plan A of becoming the next Taylor Swift crumbled down and it became apparent that it was such an unrealistic dream, I started creating Plan B’s, C’s, D’s, so-on and so-forth. Plan B was Sound Producer, Plan C was Radio Host, Plan D is Producer… and that’s where I’m currently at.

I created this podcast as a part of my Radio Broadcasting course at TAFE to give myself a space to create and host a podcast where I didn’t have to apply for the job to do it. And I love it. Creating ideas, talking about my opinions, and getting listeners as well as guests to share perspective of a range of different topics has been extremely eye-opening and rewarding.

My next steps are to get this podcast up and reaching a broader audience, achieve my goal of becoming a paid producer whether that be for a podcast or radio show, and one day get my own radio show or even make this podcast my main hosting/producing gig… that’d be nice.

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Time to introduce the newbies!

There are two different editions of Survey Says with a different co-host for each of them. I introduce to you, our new co-hosts and their editions.



Producer; Co-host

A lightning rod of nerdery. Just your average university student studying environmental science who enjoys physics and astronomy for fun. I like to keep my brain active so I’m a big fan of escape rooms, riddles, puzzles and brain teasers. Love my science literature, love my Marvel, love my Star Wars (I warned you: NERD!). Always looking for my next adventure!


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Producer; Co-host

A typical blonde, 23 year old taking life day by day in the fashion industry. I’m an assistant store manager in a clothing boutique, and a Fashion Business student. So, I’m very much non stop. Over the last few years I have journaled my life and documented heartbreaks, my mental health and personal journeys so I decided to blog about it! My blog is talesofablonde.com – my aim is that my posts can hopefully be relatable to other individuals out there with similar experiences to myself. I find my platform a good way to express and document my personal and professional progress.  💓🦋





This community has become such a safe space to express thoughts and feelings. I hope with Survey Says I can use this platform to reach everyone and share the information I have been so lucky to gather from you amazing survey takers and listeners. I appreciate all the contribution thus far.