New Surveys for Season 2

It’s time for new surveys for the next season of Survey Says. We’ve got 2 surveys for you to participate in, 1 for I’d Be The Man and another for All The Things.

I’d Be The Man

Season 2 – Survey #1

The topics for this survey are Self Empowerment, Summer Loving and Travelling.

All The Things

Season 2 – Survey #1

The topics for this survey are Gaming, Would You Rather (Marvel Edition) and Birthdays.

Feel free to listen to our episodes while you complete these surveys. Depending on how long and in-depth your responses are, it shouldn’t take more than 4 minutes (on average) to complete.

Gaming Survey Says

Mel Maltby and Matt Thomas have returned for another season of Survey Says. In their welcoming episode back they talk about different aspects of the modern phenomenon Gaming. They asked questions in a recent survey to the public about their favourite games to play, favourite console to play on and what games they played growing up. If you're interested in the publics perspective on Gaming and to learn more about what Matt and Mel play together on stay-in-date-nights, this is the episode to listen to.
  1. Gaming
  2. The Environment
  3. Makeup
  4. Full Interview w/ Ashe_Media
  5. Online Influencers (feat. Ashe_Media)


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