New Episode – Online Influencers feat. Ashe_Media

2020 has brought us many things, the rise in online entertainment being one. With lockdown in place and not a lot to do, social media has become a primary source of communication and entertainment amongst… well, everyone. Over this year, general online attention has crossed to Tik Tok resulting in a bunch of accounts reaching 60K+ followers after posting a bunch of 15 second videos. A couple of the accounts reaching these numbers are WooliesGuy (now known as MattWynneThomas, yes the co-host) and Ashe_Media. In this episode, Mel and Matt interview the fresh-food-people jingle singer Ashe_Media about his experience becoming a Tik Tok ‘famous’ user and his views on online ‘fame’. A long with chatting to Ashe_Media, hosts Mel and Matt talk about your responses to the survey posted asking, “Do online influencers actually influence you?, “Given the option, would you want to be an online influencer/internet famous?”, and “What are your general thoughts about online influencers/internet fame?”

You can also listen to the full unedited interview with Ashe_Media (Liam) now!

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