New Surveys OUT NOW!

Did you miss the last 2 rounds of surveys to get involved in the podcast episodes? Never mind that, now’s your chance to have your say and have it shared in the next episodes of Survey Says. Below are linked the 2 surveys for the 2 different editions, I’d Be The Man and All The Things.

The topics for IBTM are Social Media, Happiness and Single vs Relationship.


The topics for ATT are Philosophical Questions, Harry Potter and Fitness.


Surveys close Midnight 3rd July 2020 AEST

All 3 topics are in the same survey. You can choose to answer in detail, or just simply choose from the multiple choices. Of course, the better the answer in your “Why?” section, the better the chance of your response being shared in the podcast.

Thank you for your time and participation! We can’t wait to read what you have to say.

– Mel, Matt and Alex x

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